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How do you like playing as an antagonist? - Goonstation Forums (2)

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01-15-2024, 07:05 PM

I'll start it off with my playstyle as a funny bad boi on classic.

I always gamble with surplus crates when i roll tater tot.

I go and make demands, such as chemistry make and sell drugs, or tell sec to ruckscan and distribute their gear. and if they don't?

People are gonna start dying.

One of my favorite activities to do as an evil engineer is to rig up slamguns in gun components hooked up to pressure plates, so if people step on it, they get a face full of pipeshot.
On the topic of evil engineering, if you can get macro phasers and ruckscan them. You can stuff those in energy gun components and annihilate anyone who is unlucky enough to step in your traps. (Unlimited ammo too since it's an energy weapon in an e-gun component, you can charge it)





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01-16-2024, 01:20 AM

As a traitor, I usually challenge myself by buying a surplus crate at roundstart and improvising from there instead of making elaborate plans, which are difficult to execute in fast-paced rounds. I don‘t do huge gimmicks a lot, just small improvs like the stressed hitman or getting revenge for the smallest of things



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01-16-2024, 05:21 AM

Im still learning how to be a good antag, cause its really hard, so I've been doing like a "syndicate training program" with my characters, setting their agent cards to Syndicate-In-Training and focusing on different areas of antagery at a time. I did this because I was always really scared people would find out that I'm a "beginner antag" so I decided just to embrace it. No point hiding it if it can be a fun gimmick.
Im actually really glad I did this because I think Kira gets more interaction when she is a syndicate-in-training than when she is a regular syndie.
At the moment Im preparing a truly evil and sinister version of Kira for when I get good at traitor, but right now Im working on creating as much contrast between a sinister and truly evil Kira and the silly Kira who has the funny headset and must whack sec. Also, I like to pick running themes for a few syndie shifts, the current one is getting the victims to wear red heels, which has been really fun. How do you like playing as an antagonist? - Goonstation Forums (7)




How do you like playing as an antagonist? - Goonstation Forums (9)

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01-16-2024, 05:54 AM

It depends on the mood and what I feel like to be honest.

I am never an OUT OF THE GATE ANTAG. I try to immerse people into my behaviour.

For changelings it depends on the role I got.
- Chaplain: Be the one who HOLY SMITES players who go against their religion and "Subsume them" to clean them of their sins and send em to heaven.
- Chef: Everything is food! Any corpse you find will be grinded into burgers and be fed to people. "John doe cheeseburger" for you crew!
As examples.

As for Arcfiend... i play it straight. Not creepy or weird.. since arcfiends are odd balls.

Vampires it depends on the role again.. but most of the time. I am abit more in your face.

Traitors have so much flavors it depends on the role I roll... wich ironically is Detective most of the time. And when I am... I mostly try to take over the station SLOWLY and let other antags do their thing, unless they go against my plan. Then they may mysteriously vanish.
Though my personal favorite is Traitor Chaplain with contracts. As it allows to spread fun chaos evrywhere.. Mostly by pretending to be of the RELIGION OF INSURANCE!

Anything else is up in the air.




How do you like playing as an antagonist? - Goonstation Forums (11)

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01-16-2024, 07:45 AM (This post was last modified: 01-16-2024, 07:45 AM by Lord_earthfire.)

I like playing heron like a somewhat naive trickster. Always an excuse for the behaviour, often highly oblivious to why his behaviour was bad and just overall lacking the thought of "just what the f*ck am i doing right now?!"

Gameplay-wise, it's an exaggeration of my playstyle. I like making dangerous projects, but are capable enough to make them (somewhat) safe. This drops the moment i roll antag? That nettles i was planning on growing? They will litter maintenance. Raptors? You can bet some people will find them running around. Singularity in the owlery? Just lose it! Go crazy!




How do you like playing as an antagonist? - Goonstation Forums (13)

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01-16-2024, 12:04 PM

Since op says 'antagonist', cargo front desk blob. Walk out victorious or die a quick death and restart on one of the shuttle boarding doors.




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02-11-2024, 07:42 PM

i only queue as antag when i have a funny gimmick i know i wanna do that requires antag tools. otherwise i feel too bad about removing people from the round in this game. i love pvp and pking in lots of other games, but when it takes up around an hour for people to get the chance to play again then i just feel guilty about it.

unless it was really funny.




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02-11-2024, 11:09 PM

I like to trick groups of people into doing evil for me or if there is an ongoing department dispute to crank things up.

For instance, if I need to emag a door but a bunch of people are nearby let's say in the HoP line - I'll bomb the customs door. That way hop will be busy fending of invaders trying to get more access as I return to trespassing.

I like antagging according to player behaviors; I'll have multiple masks and ID'S so if im being chased I can just switch clothes, swap identification, and pretend to be dead as I start gasping. Someone will find me, thinking I need medical assistance and drag me far away from where sec was looking.




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02-29-2024, 05:09 AM

Well because my favorite Job is scientist
As non-antag round I would…
-make canister bomb and TTV and test it in debris to make money (some time use it for self defense
-make prank chem smokewhich quite harm less (like cryo and space drug)
-offer help to give people guardbuddy
-spend half of time in the round teaching new people who interest in science
As antag round I would
- make canister bomb and TTV and test in the station I normally target the engine or medbey or bridge but not focus on my target objective
- makechem smoke with quite harmful chem instead (normally would be acid gas and some toxin and cryo again )
-use guardbuddy and give them a gun and activate purge
But if I has a special role like vampire or Ling I normally offer my body to medbey so people can become ling entire station
Well I normal boring people boring antagonist



How do you like playing as an antagonist? - Goonstation Forums (2024)


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